Australian Clay & Grapefruit Foaming Salt Scrub.

Australian Clay & Grapefruit Foaming Salt Scrub.

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This sensual blend of exfoliating salts (Including Pink Himalayan Salt), cleansing rose clay combined with the delicious fragrance of grapfruit is sure to give your body a top to toe scrubby fruity workout and the best part is; It has natural Australian Clay and also Grapefruit floral water and much more with so many sensational benifits, This sensational scrub delivers moisture and energy to tired, dull complexions and helps to soothe inflammation while lightly exfoliating skin. Rich in Silica, this hydrating mask may help improve skin elasticity and cell renewal, leaving skin soft, smooth, refreshed and supple, The scrub also has ingredients in it to help clean and foam up at the same time, it's amazing.

Our SALT SCRUB: After you take a shower or bath, and while your skin is still wet, scoop some into your hands and rub it gently on arms and legs or as a FACIAL EXFOLIATOR: Take a small amount into your hands and Gently massage the mixture into your face and throat & rinse off.

This body/Face scrub buffs away dry, dull skin to reveal velvety soft skin. Himalayan Pink Salt is known around the world for its uniquely rich nutrient profile that includes calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper and iron. Invigorates your skin and motivates healthy blood circulation. Helps to give your skin a natural glow.

Comes in 100g tubs and lasts a while.